Watch Displays Strategically Placed

How does each display tell a unique story? At LA Window Display, we know what product categories are most effective at engaging shoppers in merchandising intelligence. Jewelry visual merchandisers need to routinely check store traffic flow to ensure maximum presentation of the most saleable merchandise in the most visually enhanced displays. Watch displays must talk to customers!

Display Design

What interior store display case locations best serve the needs of shoppers and sales associates for each category of product? How can product placement best encourage impromptu purchases? Retail design is a means to increasing sales as shoppers respond emotionally to stores with exceptionally appealing visual displays. Selling an intricate watch, for instance requires an exceptional custom watch display. LA Window Co. will make sure your watch displays are timeless.

Jewelry Grouping

Resist grouping unsellable merchandise into one display case. Instead, consider the color, design, material usage, and style and try to integrate items in displays with more attractive merchandise. Find ways to group jewelry items to enhance the total appeal of all merchandise on display.

Eye Appeal

Some jewelry products have more eye appeal due to design, style, or materials used. These products attract more shopper attention and often look like they should sell for a higher price than the store’s standard mark up. It is important for merchandise buyers to find more products with more eye appeal. Our watch displays will only serve to enhance that appeal!

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