Attractive Packaging

Jewelry packaging has the ability to make a product appear more desirable and can draw in purchases if used effectively. We’ve all seen cheaper looking products presented in tattered boxes to be discarded, whereas more costly products have packaging that becomes a keepsake itself along with the jewelry. It is at LA Window Display, we believe that high end jewelry packaging is a crucial factor to ensuring shopper satisfaction.

Impulse Buying

Impromptu purchases are dependent on shoppers noticing and engaging with displayed products that are too irresistible to ignore. While your jewelry pieces are the star of the show, custom jewelry packaging can be made to create an environment tailored to how you want your consumer to feel about your products. Colors and materials can be blended together to create your own unique atmosphere.

Fabulous Packaging

Very often jewelers mix display packaging with different colors, textures, and shapes in a jewelry display case. A common outcome of mixed packaging elements is a look of clutter and lack of eye appeal. We can help you minimize this risk and help create a variety of unique eye-catching boxes and other packaging to call attention to different jewelry grouped within one display case. Unique packaging can help shoppers recall your store and products leaving a large impression on your shoppers.

Personal Printing

A personalized touch to your jewelry packaging is always important so that your brand or image is recognized. At LA Window Display we offer a variety of customization to your packaging including logo printing. We are able to add a logo to your jewelry displays, jewelry boxes and other various packaging materials. Let the customer take with them a part of your brand to remember and share with others.

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