Jewelry Storage Trays Capture Creativity

At LA Window Display, we understand it is very important for marketers to get their products noticed. In terms of product display like jewelry display, the same instance is applied – either they get the prospect buyer’s interest or fail to attract attention and make them go straight to the next shop or store.

Jewelry Storage

It’s a fine balance between style and restraint. There’s no single “right way” to display jewelry. Though there are a few effective ways to make your jewelry displays entice the jewelry itself and make the customer take a closer look. Unique looking jewelry storage trays can have a major impact on attracting customers.

Grouping Jewelry Displays

One feature of good jewelry storage trays and displays is that they reflect the style and personality of the jewelry line – and the taste of the targeted customer! Displaying a variety of personality and characteristics makes a great benefit on store or booth.

Jewelry Arrangement

We are creative with the props, backgrounds, and textures use in your jewelry displays. Jewelry should stand out plainly as the star attraction in the display. Jewelry should show up against whatever props and background materials that are used to dress it up.

Distinct Displays

A clear crystal quartz pendant would be practically invisible on a leopard print silk scarf, but a chunky silver cuff bracelet on the same scarf would stand out smashingly. A dark prop and background makes a colorful jewelry set stand out stunningly. A background that distinct visually with the jewelry will help the jewelry stand out as the star of the scene being created for it.

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