Jewelry Storage Trays – Considerations When Choosing

Each business has its own tagline that seems to be uttered every time it comes up. For real estate it is “location, location, location.” For jewelry stores it should be “displays, displays, displays.” Your jewelry storage trays are just as important as the pieces you display to attract the business of customers. If you place a gold ring on a gold tray, you are diminishing the ring’s beauty, making it look bland and inconsequential. You want the centerpiece to be your treasures on display. The wrong trays can create an underwhelming reaction, and here at Los Angeles Window Display Co., we understand the need to create a strong reaction. This is why when choosing storage trays, you should consider:

  • Purpose
  • Color and material
  • Over-all aesthetics

Purpose of Jewelry Storage Trays

We know the purpose is to put your beautiful merchandise in the best possible light, but think about what you are selling specifically for each display. If it is rings, you will want a display for the rings to sit tucked, with the gems gloriously perched, glistening through velvet. The rings, could, also be showed off on an acrylic or velvet hand, or lying on a nice cloth. Necklaces can be displayed in a multitude of jewelry storage trays, each made to emphasize color and design. Bracelets can be laid down flat or wrapped around an elegant cylinder. No matter which jewelry piece, all pieces look beautiful glistening on a tray. Consider each piece and decide where it should be prominently displayed.

Color and Material

You are not just stuck with one option in regards to jewelry storage trays. They come in a variety of colors and materials. They are designed to be the perfect accessory for your accessories. Velvet gives a luxurious and classic feeling, while acrylic can appeal to the modern pieces and emphasize colors and shine.

Overall Aesthetic

Know what message you are trying to send to your seller. Jewelry storage trays can give customers the atmosphere and vibe that you wish to present. They can present an elegant feel, futuristic, or modern look. No matter what message your jewels convey, storage trays will assist you in delivering this message. They are the perfect fixture to your store. Our designers will work with you to understand your desires and your needs and assist you in fulfilling them.

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