Choosing a Jewelry Presentation Box

At LA Window Display, we know that choosing a jewelry presentation box can be as important as deciding which jewelry pieces to place inside the box. Buying a special jewelry box proves that you have put extra effort in choosing the perfect packaging and/or display for your merchandise. Here are a few tips to help you choose great quality boxes for jewelry.

Quality Counts

We understand that just like the jewelry that is going to be used in custom jewelry boxes, the build quality of the boxes also matters. Having a flimsy and cheap box with poor lining can, not only attract negative attention, but even make jewelry tarnish faster. Ideally, you should look for custom presentation boxes that have straight edges and smooth material wrapping. The clean presentation will allow all the attention to be pulled to your jewelry.

Do Not Limit Your Options

When choosing a jewelry display box, it is advisable to avoid limiting yourself. All options should be explored to ensure your boxes display the creativity that is you and your brand. We have many designs and styles from which to choose whether it is our stock displays for large quantity orders or to aid in the customization process.

Jewelry Box Style

The style of your box will ultimately determine how your jewelry pieces are viewed. The materials used and detailed accents of your box will make allthe difference. We have experience in creating boxes with a variety of materials, it is up to you to decide what approach you want to take for selling your pieces. Paper boxes can be beautifully crafted with the added benefit of being inexpensive to allow for higher quantity purchasing. Wooden and plastic boxes wrapped with material tend to bring a more high-end feel to your jewelry whether to give out or display. Our jewelry packaging experts can work with you to choose the best box styles for your stores.

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