Displays to Beautify Jewels

Jewelry displays are the building blocks for your store’s image. We understand how important it is to have a custom jewelry display that conveys your style, which is why we offer a large selection of wholesale jewelry displays to buy in bulk or to serve as a foundation for your custom needs. Need suggestions on the best jewelry store displays for you? Give us a call and we’ll walk you through it.

Jewelry Presentation

At LA Window Display we know that the jewelry display sets you present your jewelry on will leave your customers with an impression of your brand. Let us help you leave them with a positive impression by finding the best custom jewelry display, stock jewelry displays and jewelry trays for you! From our individual jewelry display trays and jewelry display stands to complete store revamping we can assist you in building your brand.

Maximizing Display Case Space

Consider the total space of your store and how few square feet are taken by display cases. In general, most stores lose 40 percent of total space due to aisle ways, doorways, office space, back rooms, facilities, etc. Total jewelry Product display case space can often only take up as little as 10 percent of the store’s total square footage.

Keep It Simple

In an effort to show as much inventory as possible, some stores put too many items into showcases. The result too often leads to visual confusion. There are too many points of information vying for shoppers’ attention. When shoppers do not engage in displays be sure to confirm if there was a strong focal point and key areas of interest to guide them through the display. Visual merchandisers can visually guide shoppers from one item to another by using basic designs.

Review your jewelry display options with our specialists!

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