Jewelry Display Stands – 3 Benefits Provided

Your jewelry pieces deserve a prominent display, something that shows off their uniqueness and their sparkle. Beautiful pieces will shine no matter their environment, however, why not show them off to their full potential with jewelry display stands? Display stands add a bit more diversity than trays. They can display one piece or several pieces more prominently.

If you have a piece that you really want to emphasize in your display cases, put it in on a display stand and watch people flock to admire the piece. At Los Angeles Window Display Co., we understand your needs, which is why we encourage sellers to consider display stands. These display stands offer a variety of benefits including:

  • Diversity
  • Style
  • Atmosphere

Showing off unique pieces and to break up the tray style by having a couple of stands will make your beautiful jewelry come to life.

Diversity of Jewelry Display Stands

If you have a diverse range of pieces then you might want a few pieces to stand out more flagrantly. The other pieces look gorgeous laminating in their trays, but one special piece will stand out more on a display stand. An example could be your single most elegant bracelet wrapped around a cylinder while several other bracelets in trays surround it. Another example is a necklace displayed on a high velvet covered or acrylic neckform in the center of your display. These small changes to your showcase can help your customer see what the piece looks like if they were to wear it. The same could be said about rings wrapped around lush velvet fingers. Your customers will be able to imagine what the piece might look like on them while it rests on jewelry display stands.


Display stands add a flair of style to your jewelry. People shopping for jewelry want to be able to feel like a piece was designed specifically for them. Display stands literally lift the jewelry up, closer to their eyes for inspection. They make the rest of your pieces look grander and add an elegant touch to all of the jewels you have displayed around the stand.


If you have a wide array of rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, gemstones, and other pieces, they can sometimes look clustered all sitting on trays. It can be confounding and too much for the customer to absorb. Display stands create an organized, fresh and classy atmosphere. These stands will catch your customers’ attention and look less chaotic. They are an asset to your beautiful accessories.

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