Important Criteria for Successful Custom Jewelry Packaging

You take pride in the beauty of your jewelry and the pieces you sell. You have made sure that each ring, bracelet, necklace, pair of earrings, and brooch looks stunning shining and glimmering in their displays. Once you sell the item, however, your work is not done. You still want to show that piece to the best of its advantage. For when the new owner takes it home, shows it off, or presents it as a gift, they are still advertising your store and its quality. This is why it is so important to have the right custom jewelry packaging.

This packaging demonstrates what you want to say about your pieces after they leave the store. That can put a tremendous amount of pressure on you. However, at Los Angeles Window Display Company, we understand this and we can help. Keep in mind that jewelry packaging should be unique, easy to advertise, and affordable.


The package that you place your pieces in after they are bought should create an image. You want them to be recognizable. Each piece should have its own designated box. Depending on what image you would like to present, we can provide you with paper boxes, plastic boxes, wooden boxes, and many more, all in a variety of colors. You want people to see the custom jewelry packaging and instantly get a sense of the nature of that piece.


The uniqueness aspect leads to indirect advertisement. Just by having unique packaging, you can have a calling card for your business. A box can generate as much interest as the product placed in that box. On the same hand, sloppy or bad packaging can damage a reputation. A potential customer should be overwhelmed by the presentation and when they see it they should know where it’s from or want to ask.


We can help you meet all of your custom jewelry packaging needs by working directly with you to determine your desires and helping you meet them. You don’t have to spend a fortune to find the right packaging for your jewelry pieces. You can find assistance, the perfect boxes, and stay within a budget. Keep in mind that boxes and packaging are just as important to your presentation and reputation as showing the actual pieces. They can truly make a difference.

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