Custom Presentations Boxes – A Perfect Way to Say You Care

There is something special about opening up a jewelry presentation box and discovering the gift within.

Custom Presentation Boxes Add Beauty to Jewelry

It is rare that anyone would simply hand a woman a bracelet, or set of earrings, without rapping the gift and simply saying, “Here it is. Enjoy.” The fun of receiving or owning jewelry is that it comes, or can be placed, in an attractive setting. Opening up a box and discovering what is inside is well worth creating such a surprise.

Both men and women love a surprise that arrives protected in a presentation box. At LA Window Display Co., we know that opening the presentation box is half the fun. This is why our designs are created by some of the best specialists in the industry. Our presentation box designs can be created from stock, or can be created from the retailer’s vision.

Designing the Presentation Box

Form follows function! The best design for presentation boxes depends on the personality of both the giver and receiver. The design can be virtually anything the customer or retailer wants. Heart-shaped presentation boxes are great for Valentine’s Day and saying “I love you,” for instance. Colors are also critically important in the design process. Colors like red, purple, navy, and black are popular choices. Whatever the design, beautifully designed boxes are the perfect means of storing special, heartfelt jewelry pieces.

Jewelry retains its value over time. Whatever its price, the true value is in the giving and receiving. Custom presentation boxes can inspire the desire to give and receive to a whole new level. When these boxes are combined with the beautiful jewelry they contain, you have a little extra special presentation and meaning with the gift.

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