Custom Presentation Boxes for Jewelry Storefronts

Sales associates have long seen the benefit of a great product display case. If products are arranged in a creative and unique way, customers will react emotionally to the product and be more likely to make a purchase. When it comes to selling jewelry, this strategy of product placement is even more crucial, since people tend to place a great deal of sentimental value on jewelry. If you have a wide variety of luxury jewelry pieces, they should be displayed in a way that suggests their quality.

Speak to one of our professional merchandising experts at Los Angeles Window Display Co. for more information on how you can increase sales and profit through the use of custom presentation boxes for your jewelry.

Custom Presentation Boxes and Custom Designs

If you have beautiful jewelry pieces for sale in your store, you need to display them in an equally interesting way in order to keep customers’ attention. It may surprise you that product placement is one of the areas that sales associates struggle with when it comes to jewelry sales. Custom presentation boxes ensure that your product is displayed in a way that matches your store’s aesthetics and encourages impromptu purchases by successfully engaging with the customer emotionally.


The quality of your boxes is important, too. If a presentation box is dirty, flimsy, or damaged, it will affect the way the product inside is viewed. Maintaining a flawless exterior and interior storefront is the key to ensuring that customers feel welcome, comfortable, and entranced by the elegance surrounding them.

Custom presentation boxes from LA Window Display must also be lined with quality fabric that lasts a long time into the future—since low quality fabric causes jewelry to tarnish faster. Your profits are affected even more strongly by the presentation of your jewelry pieces than you might imagine.

The wonderful thing about custom presentation boxes is that they are not all alike, nor do they need to be boring and simple. On the contrary, there are a variety of unique options available to you. Let us help you create your own custom box to blend in seamlessly with your store’s established design.

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