Attractive Jewelry Trays Can Peak Customer Interest

Jewelry trays have the ability to peak a customer’s interest to take a second, or even a third look, at a company’s jewelry products. On the other hand, unappealing jewelry trays can distract from the beauty of the jewelry and discourage potential customers from making a purchase. The purpose of a tray should be to highlight and throw focus on the jewelry itself. At LA Window Display Co. we specialize in customer jewelry and stock displays. We understand the impact that a beautiful visual can have on sales.

Jewelry Trays and Maintaining Brand Image

People, by nature, are attracted to visual displays and images. When they enter a retail store, they are attracted to fixtures, décor styles, window displays, and colors, etc. This is why it is so It is critical for retailers to solidify their brand image in the minds of existing and potential customers and incorporate it into all store designs.

The Impact of Color

Color is a key component in helping influence the choices of customers. The colors chosen can either inspire positive or negative emotions about a product. It can be an element that encourages consumers to step inside a store and spend quality time.

Fixtures and Fittings

Fixtures and fittings can impact store sales as well. The right theme, color, and arrangement can make the customer feel good about the product. It is easy for them to imagine how the jewelry will look in a jewelry box setting on their own dresser.

Creative Design Specialties

Whether a customer wants to redesign an existing jewelry section, or is eyeing a complete redesign of every jewelry display case in the store, we have the specialists available who can make their vision a reality. This also includes providing stock jewelry trays that can be re-purposed to a customer’s specific design. Unique tray design concepts can be both innovate and traditional. The goal is to offer customers something that will withstand the test of time.

Jewelry is an Agent of Personality

People identify with jewelry and have so for a long time. People even identify their jewelry as a point of meaning about something or a connection with a special occasion. Attractive store jewelry trays can ignite the process.

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